¿Cómo diagnosticar injusticias? Sobre el problema de la “trascendencia-inmanencia” en Nancy Fraser y Axel Honneth

Sobre el problema de la “trascendencia-inmanencia” en Nancy Fraser y Axel Honneth

  • Filipe Campello Universidade Federal de Pernambuco


The paper aims at reconstructing the debate between Nancy Fraser and Axel Honneth through the aporias in the articulation between subjective experiences and social critique. I develop my argument in three steps. First, I briefly present Fraser’s critique on Honneth. As a second step, I point out some ambiguities of an immanent interpretation of social claims having in mind two examples widely discussed by Fraser: the relation between feminism and capitalism, and the constitution of transnational public spheres. I shall argue that there is a permanent tension in the theoretical proposal of what we can call an affective content of social practices, in which the Fraser and Honneth’s approaches could be viewed not only as antagonistic, but also as complementary. From this argument, I conclude with a brief mention of what I call a critique of affects. I shall recover the idea of social grammar with a double aim: from a descriptive perspective, to show the limits and ambiguities of the articulation of sentiments and subjective experiences; and, on its normative aspect, to grasp a possible institutional framework of formation of affects.


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